RIFT Infected with the Love Bug

Hearts on pictures are mandatory today, apparently.

Hearts on pictures are mandatory today, apparently.

Because it that time/day of the year when the world turns in to a great soppy mess, all heart-laden and mushy; developers start injecting some of this Hallmark day into games the world over. And Trion‘s RIFT: Stom Legion is no exception.

A hotfix applied to RIFT introduces Festival of Mariel-Taun, a celebration of love in Telara. I wrote a bit about their Valentines offerings last year, which I never committed to the blog as it was used for a submission for a job. However, it was suitable gooey with references to their in-game marriage system, purchasable in-game wedding attire, rings, the lot. This year there seems to be little deviation from the stomach-churningly sweet Valentines tie-ins, replete with love-based epidemic, take a look at this straight from the patch notes:

  • Telarans everywhere are being smitten by the Love Bug, a completely harmless disease resulting in such symptoms as ‘butterflies in the tummy’.
  • Those suffering from this joyful affliction are infectious, capable of transmitting the Love Bug to up to three additional Telarans.
  • Just in time for the celebration, a new Dimension Item merchant has set up shop in Tempest Bay selling wedding-themed d├ęcor! This merchant is a permanent addition and its appearance – and items – are not limited to the duration of the Festival.
  • You can remove the Love Bug effect from yourself by right-clicking the effect. While you have it, you cannot receive it again.
  • After infecting 3 people with the Love Bug, you are immune to re-infection for an hour.
  • The Love Bug will begin spreading among the player-base sometime on Thursday, February 14th in local server time, initially by the use of mysterious love letters sent to a random selection of active characters. Check your in-game mail to see if you have a delivery!
  • For Newsletter subscribers, also check your newsletters for a code to obtain a selection of the new Wedding-themed Dimension items!

An in-game ‘disease’ is nothing new to MMO’s, though calling it the Love Bug does want to make me throw up a little, so at least they’re breaking ground with in-game diseases making people feel sick in meatspace, thanks Trion. You may notice that there’s also a really heavy emphasis on providing more useless, expensive items with which to bedeck your personal dimension just in case you’d always wanted to set up your own real-life wedding pavilion and could never afford to, but now you can in Rift! So that’s something I suppose. In slightly more useful Valentines related news, from Feb 13th to Feb 17th all editions of RIFT are on sale for 25% off which can be purchased here. Meaning if you’ve been wanting to try it out, buy it for someone else or upgrade from RIFT Lite, now is a great time to do it.

Other less loved up items in the hoxfix, along with the full patch notes, can be found here on their forums.

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~ by Voo on February 14, 2013.

2 Responses to “RIFT Infected with the Love Bug”

  1. The love bug? Really? They clearly did not think that one through. Maybe they could have several different versions, some which can be easily removed, some which require medication for the rest of your character’s life in order to stop them dying. What do you think? Could it catch on?

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